Chesapeake Home Renovation

Monica Curry wasn’t even looking to buy a house when she did. 

Monica is a Real Estate Agent and Technology Specialist for World Class Realty who met Michelle and Stuart in 2020 when she was selling an investment property she owned. Stuart suggested to Monica how to make it work…a true win-win. “We will buy it, renovate it, and then you list it,” Stuart explained. That started this awesome relationship. 

In October 2021, Michelle and Stuart showed Monica a house which was a mile from her son’s home. With no intent to move at this time, Monica made an offer on the house built in 1976 which was only a mile from her son’s home. 

The house needed a lot of renovation. The kitchen and floors were just one aspect which needed change. The home did not work for this contemporary, highly successful and driven real estate agent! Michelle has been designing homes and renovation for twenty years, listening intently to her clients. Monica pictured an industrial style, that no fuss, no nonsense inspired from the look and feel of renovated warehouses, factories, and other industrial structures. Michelle met with her vendors to prepare for Monica’s visits with her to their showrooms. Though selections were more limited than usual during the height of the 2020 pandemic, Monica got what she wanted: industrial black, dark grey, iron pipes you see in her kitchen shows you the finished renovation. Touches of blue, for the island and fireplace compliments Monica’s vision and all of it brings the 70s to 21st century living! Amazingly, the entire renovation was complete in 9 weeks. 

“Michelle’s professionalism as a designer is the best,” said Monica. “Not only does she listen but she comes up with recommendations which really make a difference. I love the creativity that we were able to implement working together. Meanwhile, Stuart was always on top of everything that needed to be done in my home.”

About Monica Curry: As a native Hampton Roads real estate professional, Monica knows her market well, serving home buyers and sellers throughout the region. With over 30 years’ experience in sales and technology management, primarily in southeastern Virginia, she brings valuable marketing expertise to assist her real estate clients. From market research and creative solutions to process-oriented management of the negotiations and handling of the entire real estate transaction, customers are often amazed at how smoothly the sale or purchase goes. Monica can be reached at 757-237-9645 or by email:

3 comments on “Chesapeake Home Renovation

Iris McLane on June 7, 2022 3:29 pm

I can honestly say that i personally know these professionals and have the pleasure of doing business with them. It is refreshing to work with individuals that are knowledgeable and have great ethics. Your home Monica is a show stopper, love your design choices (Michelle and Monica).

Tammy Hendrickson on June 7, 2022 4:03 pm

The Walters perform quality work at a reasonable price and on a timely schedule. They go above and beyond expectations! I absolutely recommend this team to help anyone who is thinking about remodeling their home or work space.

Ron and Debbie Carder on June 7, 2022 5:08 pm

You can trust EVERY word in this article. Stuart and Michelle worked with and guided us throughout the process, from the ground up, on our in-law suite. Done in 11 weeks from January through March. Stuart hires only QUALITY and DEPENDABLE employees to complete the job. Michelle is AMAZING to work with! This lady knows what she is doing! She is fun, talented and helps throughout the process. The end results is FABULOUS! To keep things rolling in a timely manner, Stuart and Michelle place orders in advance so as not to slow down the process. QUALITY and INTEGRITY are what THEY represent!

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