Downsize with Class and Comfort

Ron and Debbie Cardere

It certainly made sense, so Ron contacted architect Wayne Barnes. When they met with Wayne and told him what features and square footage they desired for their new addition/home, he drew up plans with the expertise of an excellent architect. All they needed was to find someone to execute. The couple knew about Michelle and Stuart Walters, having seen the quality work of a home they had built as new construction and those which they had renovated. They hired WC Builders and began a journey that was far better than anyone would expect in building their home during times when the market and weather were not the best. 

Debbie and Ron Carder owned a 2600 square foot home in Chesapeake’s Riverview at the Preserve, perfect for entertaining and enjoying a beautiful neighborhood. It just didn’t fit their lifestyle anymore, especially with their future travel itinerary. They talked about moving to Florida or South Carolina, but their children said why not build a home on our property, so when they want to spend time at home, they would have carefree returns to be near family. In August 2021 they sold their home and moved in with the “kids.” 

“What we found with Michelle and Stuart was quality control and integrity all along the way,” explained Debbie. “Though any homebuilder during this time would face supply issues, our builders planned ahead and maintained storage space to support products they would be using in the next phases. When they started our project, they ordered all materials in advance.”

With Michelle’s experience as a designer, any changes Debbie and Ron wanted to the original design were handled professionally and always with great advice. It also helps when you build a solid relationship along the way. Debbie loved when she found out that Michelle shared her taste for coastal design. It was fun shopping with Michelle and selecting the siding, fixtures, flooring, and everything for their new home. 

The transient windows for the bedroom they selected were not available. Stuart indicated the windows were on a “12-week backlog”. He asked Debbie what she wanted to do? A decision was made to add another standard window to the room. The more they thought about technology, the couple realized that twenty outlets throughout the house would not be enough, so the design was revised for a total of forty outlets. Other changes, like having the driveway expanded to allow space for the thirty-four’ travel trailer, and cars or upgrading the plan for the patio were all handled professionally. 

Even the minor changes were never an issue. When you downsize, you still want space to continue traditions in your décor, especially during holidays. Debbie needed windowsills which could hold her candles, plantation shutters and other decorations. No problem and done!

“Stuart’s project management, integrity and professionalism was evident every step of the way. He would personally come by to check on his workers and ensure quality control, “said Ron. “When the painters, for example, needed more paint, he would personally do the run so there would be no delay on projects for the day. The people they hired as well were excellent. That’s what you should expect with a Class A Contractor.”

When you are building a new home, you should feel totally confident in the competency of the contractor. That goes for everything from quality work to project management and meeting timelines. WC Builders completed the entire construction in eleven weeks, one week ahead of schedule. Work started in January, yet even weather could not stop construction, and the couple moved in on March 30th. What a nice birthday and retirement present for Ron!

Today, their friendship continues. When Ron retired on the 31st, the day after their move in, from 50 years with the U.S. Department of Defense, he probably had some ideas about “what’s next”. With the home they built, they are now enjoying being close to their kids and planning their travels, including a long jaunt to Florida and Key West, with no fears of leaving home and lots of anticipation for sunny winter days. 

“Thanks to Michelle and Stuart, we are enjoying our beautiful new home without any issues and knowing that every detail has been cared for and built with the same quality they would give to their own home,” explained Debbie and Ron.

Let us know if you would like to schedule an appointment with Michelle and Stuart to see if building an addition or a new home is in your future. We are here to build your own wonderful new home story!

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